is a Structural Steel Detailing Company
specializing in Structural Steel
and Miscellaneous Metals Detailing Services,
utilizing powerful Structural Steel Detailing technologies
including StruCAD and AutoCAD
computerized systems.

SteelTech Group Inc.
is an innovative Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing Company.
STG specializes in high quality and cost effective
Structural Steel and Miscellaneous
Metals Detailing Services
for the Steel Construction Industry,
utilizing leading advanced industry technologies known as StruCAD
and AutoCAD computerized systems.

SteelTech Group represents a dedicated team
of highly experienced professionals in the field of Structural and Miscellaneous Steel Detailing.

STG provides a comprehensive range
of Steel Detailing Services for all types
of projects that increase clients profitability
and operational efficiency at competitive rates.

Utilizing the latest computer technologies with an array of powerful modeling and detailing tools, STG Steel Detailing can complete and deliver any project from light miscellaneous metals to heavy structural steel
at a fraction of the cost and fraction of the time
to meet client's demanding requirements
and specifications.

Due to high level of Steel Detailing Services
and outstanding consistency in quality,
STG has been successful
in developing long-term relationship with
the clients and consistently gaining new clients,
effectively assisting them in increased productivity and profitability
throughout project lifecycle from concept to completion.

SteelTech Group industry expertise, extensive experience and capabilities in variety
of commercial and industrial project types will help your company to achieve success in Steel Industry business development and operations, resulting in significant cost savings
and improved business performance.

In response to growing demand for streamlined processes of the Structural Steel detailing, SteelTech Group is incorporating advanced modeling technologies and latest software for the design and detailing of the Structural Steel buildings to significantly reduce project cost, development time and improve efficiency throughout the production process of the project.

Utilizing a fully computerized and most respected Structural Steel Detailing System known as StruCAD, and detailing computerized system known as AutoCAD technology,
STG provides clients with superior Structural Steel Detailing Services and the highest quality drawings to improve productivity process, reduce project development time,
and help your company to increase operational efficiency and profitability of your business.

To achieve success at every stage of the project
and improve productivity,
STG incorporate advanced StruCAD
Structural Steel Detailing System.
StruCAD powerful modeling generation technology create with speed and accuracy
a 3D model of the complete Steel Structure,
and produce all drawings, detailed reports
with related information required
for ordering, fabrication and erection.

Utilizing combined knowledge of industry practices and leading technologies, SteelTech Group is assisting clients in achieving maximum productivity and operational efficiency to ensure that Structural Steel Detailing Services conforms to the client's project requirements
and guidelines in accordance with recognized Structural Steel industry standards, applicable design codes and government regulations.

SteelTech Group outstanding team
of highly qualified dedicated professionals has the capacity and technical ability to contribute
to a significant gain in productivity, operational efficiency and profitability of your business.

Our extensive experience in the latest computer technologies and proven record
of accomplishments combined with
our commitment to Customer Satisfaction,
provides clients with the benefits
of greatly reduced project development costs,
improved performance, reduced production time
and generate significant business growth.

On behalf of SteelTech Group
Professional Team
We look forward to working with you
To contribute to your Company's Success
and deliver the most technically
challenging Steel Construction projects!